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Watch Dogs

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PS4WatchDogsThe first game I picked up for my new PlayStation 4 is Watch Dogs.  Have been waiting a long time to try this game out.  Heard and read that is its pretty cool.  Mind you I didn’t read or watch a lot of things about this game because didn’t what see any spoilers.  Like the PS3 the PS4 has to install so much information on the hard drive.  When I looked at the back of the box it said, “21 GB minimum”.    That seems like a lot.  The PS4 does come with a 500 GB hard drive but only can use 400 of that.

Have only played the first few main missions so far.  Keep getting distracted by all the extra things you can go.  Like a lot of Ubisoft open world games there is all kinds of things to look at and side missions to do.  All so like a lot of new games there is an upgrading system as well.  You can upgrade you hacking, driving, shooting and something else stats.  Doing side missions all so help you get the upgrades.  The main hook of the game is hacking into different systems to help you get around the city.  Simple things like changing the traffic lights to getting someone’s ATM info or may be blowing up a steam pipe underground.  Found out that last one the hard way.  Was trying to hacking to someone’s phone as the walked by but I missed and hacked into the steam pipe.  Which sent me flying and killed me.  Was pretty fun.  Enjoying the game a lot so far.  Even after only playing a little bit, have to say it is a must buy.