PlayStation 4

PlayStation4As a birthday gift to myself I bought a PlayStation 4.   The game I bought with it is Watch Dogs.   Picked up Watch Dogs first on my lunch break from work. Next was to find one.  Have been looking a FutureShop’s website for the past five days or so to see if they had any in stock.  Every time I looked it said there was none in the store near me.  Check one more time on my birthday and they had them in stock.  Want to buy it a FutureShop because I had some gift cards I can use.

Once I had it out of the box and all hocked up.  The set up was a breeze.  First there was a small update file that download then installed.  All ready have a PSN account so all I had to do was sign in with at.  The menu screens are different but all most the same is some ways as they are on the PS3.  It is very easy to navigate around. Checked out the PSN store next.  Looks just the PS3 version but with less stuff.  Downloaded TowerFall Ascension.  This is one of the free games you can get in July if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.  The first version of TowerFall was an exclusive to the Ouya.   This new version is not only on the PS4 but computers as well.  You can play the game by yourself but its best played local multiplayer.

The best thing is the new controller, DualShock 4.  Have talked about it before when I got to check out a friends PS4.  Now that I had some time to use my own.  It is the best controller I have ever used.  Will be back to talk about Watch Dogs in another post.

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