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Grand Theft Auto Online: Independence Day Special

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GTAOnline.jpgThere is new update for Grand Theft Auto Online now out.   which is called the Independence Day Special.  With a name like that all  the things are American themed.  Of course there are all kinds of new clothes.  There is a new motorcycle called the Sovereign.  Even better there is a monster truck called the Liberator.  Looked up what is cost in-game money, $750,000.  Was saving money to buy a fancy sports car but might buy this instead.  There are even more cool things.  Fireworks and a firework rocket launcher.  Forget how much the launcher costs but the fireworks are pretty cheep.  Around $200 to $500.  Once you buy some.  You set them up by going into your inventory.  Bought one to try it out.  Would have been better if I bought a whole bunch and wait till it was dark.  One other cool thing is the musket.  It works just like a real musket.  One shot, then you have reload.  There are all so new properties to own as well.  All most forgot you can now ride the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster.  You can read all about it > here.