The Lego Movie Review

TheLegoMovieBluRayHeard about The Lego Movie a year ago and now got to see it.  It came out on DVD/Blu-ray this past Tuesday (June 17, 2014).  Have to say this is a pretty good movie.  It is all the small little things you see and hear that make it good.  The story how ever just your basic under dog hero rising up to take out the bad guy, who he turns good and then gets the girl.  The all so borrow things from other movies.  The one that stands out is The Matrix.  How ever it is still entertaining.  The best parts of the movie are when they bring in real world objects into the the Lego world.  Then give them still names.

Not has great has people have told me it was.  How ever it does have a good big of charm.  All the little details that make it worth watching.  Well worth your time to check out.  Cant see myself watching this more than once though.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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