Game of Thrones: Map Marker Set with Map

GoTMapSetA few weeks ago seen a picture of a Game of Thrones merchandise.  It caught my eye because it was of the wooden house sigils that were used in a few episodes of the show.  When Rob Stark planning his battles.  So had to check it out.  It is called Game of Thrones: map marker set with map.  The map is fabric with paper backing.  Which measures about 3ft x 2ft.  It comes with six house sigils, House Stark, Lannister, Frey, Karstark, Greyjoy and Tyrell.  They are a 1:1 scale form the actual props.  It is very cool.  Would like to get it.  But then looked at the price.  It is pretty sweet but not for that much.  They are asking $200.  There are a few places selling it HBO > here and Think Geek > here.  You can check out a video of it > here or below.

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