Dishonored.jpgIt is about time I got around to trying out Dishonored.  Bought this game back in January (2014) for $20.  At that time I was playing a bunch of other games.  Wanted to finish those before starting this one.  As I am typing this (May 22, 2014) have only played the first bit of the game.  After playing got thinking why didn’t I play this sooner.  Because it is awesome.  Have read and heard that you can play the whole game with out killing anyone.  So decided to give that a go.  Well after knocking out the first bad guy the rest saw me.  So so much for not killing any one.  The combat is really good. From what I can tell your right hand all ways as this sword/knife.  Then your left hand can hold different weapons and powers.  In which they can all be upgraded.  Even though I have only played a little bit going to recommend picking up this game.  Am sure you can find it cheap just about every were.

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