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PlayStation Games

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MedalOfHonorThe other day decided to play some of my old PlaySation One games.  The first one I played was Final Doom.  This game as released in 1996.  This was before the DualShock controller was released so there was no analog control.  So spent most of the time fighting with the controls.  Used to be able to play this game with no problem.  I guess after years of using dual analog sticks to play FPS you can never go back.  Next game I played was Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown.  This one was released in 1997.  Bought this one bran new after renting in one time.  Used to play this one all the time.  Yet again fought with the controls. Again it was before analog sticks.  So gave up playing that and put in the very first Grand Theft Auto.  Another game I bought after renting.  This game was pretty cool back then.  The only problem it would give me headaches.  This was because the game has a top down look.  When you drive faster the game would zoom out and back in as you crashed (which happened a lot) or slowed down.   Well only played for a few minutes and had to stop.  Was making my head feel funny.  Decided to play one more game.  Think it has to be my all time favourite PlayStation one game, Medal of Honor.  This one did have dual analog control since it was released in 1999.  For being all most 15 years old they game you a lot of different control options.  So picked the one that most modern games have.  Used to play the hell out of this game back in the day.  Was so good at this game I could play the first level with out ever getting hit at all.  Played the first two levels.  While it is pretty tame and easy compared to modern games.  It was still fun.  Think I will go back and see if I can finish the game.