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The Flash – Teaser Trailer/Extended Trailer

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TheFlashA few days back (May 14, 2014) when season two ended for Arrow.  There was a teaser trailer for the new The Flash show coming this fall.  It aired on The CW.  I don’t have The CW but watch Arrow on CTV so didn’t get to see the teaser trailer until today.  Which you can check out > here or below.  It was pretty cool.  It shows Arrow walking in a big field with one lone tree.  Which has a paper target on it.  He shoots an arrow.  We the The Flash run by and catch the arrow before it hits the target.


While I was checking out the teaser.  Found out there is a extended trailer out as well.  It is pretty long trailer.  A little over five minutes.  The show looks so awesome.  Since the Arrow and this show are set in the same world we will get to some crossover.  There is a bit of that in the extended trailer > here or below.


Teaser Trailer

Extended Trailer