Format Factory

FormatFactoryOver the years I have tried all kinds of different file converters.  Some kind of worked.  While others were just junk.  Need to converter some videos files so my video editing software could read them.  So once again went looking.  I all ways go to Cnet Downloads.  Here I found one I never hear of or tried yet.  It is called FormatFactory.  After reading up on it decided I would give it a try.  First off it is free and supports all kinds of video/music and pictures format.  Because it is free it does have ad-supported features.  So if you do decided to try it be careful when installing it.  It comes with the that, “do you want Ask toolbar” junk.  That stuff is easy to get around.  Once installed the programs is nice looking and easy to us.  Another good thing is it is fast.  Had the two files I need converted in minutes.  Was very impressed with it.  Will be using this one from now on.

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