PlayStation 4

PlayStation4.jpgHave been thinking about getting myself a PlayStation 4 soon.  Have a birthday coming in few months.  So thinking that is when I will buy one.  There is a bunch of games coming in the fall and around the holidays to look forward to.  The first games I want to get is Watch Dogs, which is out May 27, 2014.  All so want Trials Fusion.  All so need to get PlayStation Plus to play online.  There are some good perks when getting Plus besides playing online.  Every month they have a bunch of game for free to download.  Most of these game are pretty good.  For example one month it was  Bioshock Infinite.  Another great thing is it covers all three devices PS3, Vita and PS4.  So thinking I will get that before I even get a PS4.  Will be back when an update when I do.  Provided I can even find one.

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