Batman: Arkham Origins Review

BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgYes I know another Batman post.  That is because I finished the story mode and just about all the side missions in Batman: Arkham Origins.  If you liked the first two Arkham games you will like this one as well.  They all pretty much play the same.  Origins dose bring some new gadgets.  Which is nice.  Enjoyed the combat much better in this game than the last one.   Think this is because I got better at the timing.  Of course there are boss battles in this game.  I have a very strong dislike of boss battles.  Was surprised that I had fun with a few of these battles.  One that stands out is the one with Firefly.  One of the new things in the game is the crime scene investigation.  When at a crime scene you look for clues and then backtrack to find out what really happened.  Its hard to explain but it is very well done.  The only main fault with the game is the cut scenes.  They looks great but they skip/stutter and some times the audio drops out.  Not sure why.  This being the third game in the series those kind of bugs should be worked out.

This is another awesome Batman game.  Some people don’t like  it much because it was made by different company.  That doesn’t matter because the game is fun.  It’s not a very long game.  If you just power thought all the story line it wouldn’t last long.  Half the fun is the side missions and upgrading your gear.  Had lots of fun playing this game.  It well worth the money.  Am sure you can find it cheap lots of place.  Which most are asking around $40.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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