Azeroth Choppers

AzerothChoppersWhen I first seen the trailer > here or below for Azeroth Choppers first thought it was a joke.  But nope, it is a real thing.  What this is, is a web show when you can vote in the end which Chopper will be in World of Warcraft.  I am guess you are saying what I was thinking, what the hell.  Paul Jr. from Paul Jr. Designs or you might know him from Orange County Choppers TV show American Chopper.  He and  his crew will be broken into two groups.  One team will make a chopper for the Horde and the other for the Alliance.  These are the “bad” and “good” guys in the World of Warcraft game.  When this web series is at the end people will get to vote on which chopper will be put into the game.

Have never played World of Warcraft but know a bit about the game.   Does sound like a silly idea but it might be pretty cool at the same time.  The first episode is set to April 17, 2014.  You can go to this > website to check it out.

[Update] Wrote this post a few days ago but never published it until today (April 17, 2014).   So that means the first webisode  is out > here or below.

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