Batman: Knightfall Volume Three Review

batmanknightfallvol3Finished reading the third volume in the Batman: Knightfall series.  Like the other two volumes it still feels like they are missing some of the story.  In the first volume Bruce Wayne back gets broken and Robin’s father is kidnapped.  In this volume Bruce is all better and Robin’s father is back.  For how big these volumes are they don’t talk about how this all played out.  Volume three is pretty much broken into two parts.  The first half has Bruce come back to take over as the Batman from the crazy Jean-Paul Valley.  The second half has Bruce gone again with Nightwing taking over as Batman.

There is some very good stories in these Volume.  Was an interesting read but felt like there was still stuff missing.  Of course if you are going to read this one you need to read the other two volumes first.  Liked the first and  second volumes most of the stories are good.  Just wanted more answers to the questions they leave unanswered.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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