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Far Cry 4

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Far_Cry_logoA few posts back talked about the next gen Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  Have some more Ubisoft game news to share.  There is Far Cry 4 in the works of the PS4 and Xbox One.  From the little bit a info I have read it  be out in early 2015.  The game will be set in the Himalayas.  So there will be some snow.  So that is cool.  They all so say you will be able to ride elephants.  The articles all so say the world will be set up similar to Far Cry 3.  Speaking of Far Cry 3, it is one of my all time favourite games.  So more of this type of game play, I am sold.   Will be watching out for more info to come during 2014 E3.

A Game Of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Volume Three

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GameOfThronesTheGraphicNovelVolumeThree.jpgOrdered myself a copy of A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume Three.  Bought the first two volumes last summer.  Have been waiting to this one to come out.  It was released March 11, 2014.   As I am typing this is asking $18.77.  Which is a really good deal.  If I would have bought it at the local book store it would have been close to $30.  In order to get free shipping you have to spend over 25 dollars.  Was think was else I should get.  Went though some of the items on my wish list and got Assassin’s Creed – The Ankh of Isis Trilogy.  Will be back with a review then I finish reading it. But first I got to get thought some other books first.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

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AssassinsCreedUnityIt is still March so that means Ubisoft is announcing the next Assassin’s Creed game.  This one is called Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  The game take place during the French Revolution.  It will be a true next gen game.  Because it is only come the the PS4, Xbox One and PC.  Will be out some time during the holiday season.  The rumour that there will be an different AC game for last gen, PS3 and Xbox 360.   E3 2014 will be here soon.  That takes place in June so I am pretty sure they will be showing this or these games off.  You can check out a video that is alpha game footage > here or below.  If this how the game is going to look.  It will be pretty amazing.

The Walking Dead

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WalkingDeadSeason4.jpgThere are only two episodes(as I am typing this March 20, 2014) left in season four of The Walking Dead.  There is so many reasons why this show is so awesome.  But the best one is you never know what is going to happen next.  You think you might have some thing figured out but nope.  Season four is the best season yet.  It was like two seasons in one.  The second half has been amazing.  They are doing things that you would never think a TV show would do.  For example two of the main characters have not been is the last three episodes.  No other TV show would do that.  I think its pretty cool.  Get to see more of the other characters.  Not sure what’s going to happen next but I know it will be awesome.

Google Chromecast

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ChromecastA few posted back talked  about the HDMI streaming device, the Roku Streaming Stick.  Here to talk about another one that is similar but with some different features.  Its the Google Chromecast.  Have heard of the Chromecast but never paid much attention since it was only in the US.  Well now it’s available in Canada.  It is much cheaper than the Roku.  Amazon has it for > here for $39 and they going price of the Roku is $60.  It’s cheaper because it doesn’t come with a remote and some different features. You can use a laptop, phone (Android and iOS) or a tablet to navigate around.   One advance the Chromecast is one of the things what work with is is the Good Play Store.  Now thinking about getting this one.   Will have do some more research.


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UbuntuHave talked about different types Linux a few times in the past.  This time talking about Ubuntu.  This is because I am working on some ones computer that is very messed up.  My plan is to put Ubuntu on it.  Have never really installed Linux before only tired the Live CD or USB versions.  But first I have to ask them if it is ok to do so.  The only problem is this person is not very computer savvy.  This version of Linux is very user friendly can see them have trouble.  Will be back with an update if they so its ok and if I got it to work.

[Update]  Well have to say that Ubuntu is awesome.  It works and works great.  But the DVD, booted it up and it was installed in no time.  Picked up the Wi-Fi no problem.  Updated itself which was nice.  No know trouble installing flash and Skype.  It even picked up my external hard drive.  It is all so super fast.  Would highly recommend this to any one looking to ride or use with Windows.  The OS is pretty sweet.  Might just put it on my old netbook.

PlayStation 4 Price

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PlayStation4.jpgHave some bad news to share.  If you are like me and thinking about buying a PlayStation 4 the price has gone up.  It will cost $50 more now.  So it will be $450 now plus tax.  From what I am reading from different sites Sony is saying it is because, “to respond to changes in the market environment.”  Think that is pretty much bullshit.  Guess I will have to save some more money or wait for a sale.  Still a little way off from buying one since never seen any in stores.  Plus this price hike.  Oh, the controls are going up by $5 and some of the new games will be $70.  Don’t think Sony is going to win any new fans with this price hikes.