The Walking Dead

WalkingDeadSeason4.jpgThere are only two episodes(as I am typing this March 20, 2014) left in season four of The Walking Dead.  There is so many reasons why this show is so awesome.  But the best one is you never know what is going to happen next.  You think you might have some thing figured out but nope.  Season four is the best season yet.  It was like two seasons in one.  The second half has been amazing.  They are doing things that you would never think a TV show would do.  For example two of the main characters have not been is the last three episodes.  No other TV show would do that.  I think its pretty cool.  Get to see more of the other characters.  Not sure what’s going to happen next but I know it will be awesome.

One Response to “The Walking Dead”

  1. That show is awesome. The only flaw is that there aren’t more episodes. There should be 20+ episodes per season, and that way there they can afford to have more episodes devoted to just one or two characters.

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