UbuntuHave talked about different types Linux a few times in the past.  This time talking about Ubuntu.  This is because I am working on some ones computer that is very messed up.  My plan is to put Ubuntu on it.  Have never really installed Linux before only tired the Live CD or USB versions.  But first I have to ask them if it is ok to do so.  The only problem is this person is not very computer savvy.  This version of Linux is very user friendly can see them have trouble.  Will be back with an update if they so its ok and if I got it to work.

[Update]  Well have to say that Ubuntu is awesome.  It works and works great.  But the DVD, booted it up and it was installed in no time.  Picked up the Wi-Fi no problem.  Updated itself which was nice.  No know trouble installing flash and Skype.  It even picked up my external hard drive.  It is all so super fast.  Would highly recommend this to any one looking to ride or use with Windows.  The OS is pretty sweet.  Might just put it on my old netbook.

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