Soul Fjord

SoulFjordOne of the games that was being hyped for the OUYA is now out, Soul Fjord.  It all ways looked interesting.  Like all games for the OUYA its free to try.  Gave it a go.  Well it is a nice looking game.  Does have interesting blend of game play.  It’s like of a top down action beat’up with a rhythm game mixed it.  You play as a this 1970’s funk guy beating up monsters.  This is were the rhythm game comes into play.  It kill the bad guys you have press the buttons in time with the music.  It’s a cool idea.  How ever not very fun.  That is because I am not very good at rhythm games.  If you do have an OUYA it’s well worth trying it.  But I would never buy the full game.  You can check out a trailer > here or below.

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