The Hold Steady – The Bear and the Maiden Fair

TheHoldSteadyHave been watching season three of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray.  While watching episode three and there is a song some of the soldiers were singing caught my attention.  This is because when the episode is over there is a rock version playing over the credits.  When this episode first aired and the song kicked in thought it was a mistake.  If I had listened to it closely would have realized that is was the same song the soldiers were singing.  The song is called The Bear and the Maiden Fair.  One of the things I like to do is after watching and episode of the show on Blu-ray is to listen to the audio commentary.  They talk about this song and why they used a rock version.  The short answer is they wanted some thing jarring after seen a very jarring incident at the end of the episode.  The rock version is done by the The Hold Steady.  You can check out the song > here or below.

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