Ender’s Game Review

EndersGameOne of the movies I have been wait to see is out on DVD/Blu-ray now, Ender’s Game.  It is based off the 1985 book which shares the same name, Ender’s Game.  The story set in the future where the military takes very smart young kids for training for a future war.  They do this because earth was attacked 50 years earlier.  They have been preparing for them to come back.  While the movie falls into to your standard military boot camp flick.  Where the main character has to fight against the bullies, find friends and “save the day”.  The ending of movie is something must different than I thought it would be.  Which makes it worth watching

This movie looks great.  Lots of interesting things happen.  It moved at at good pace just left like it was missing some pieces.  While most of the movie is made up a stuff we have all seen a thousand times.  The end of the movie kind of makes up for it.  This is a rent.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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