The Simpsons LEGO

TheSimpsons.gifFound something cool the other day.  Two pictures for a Simpsons LEGO set have been leaked.  There are a bunch of articles online about this.  The > here is the first one I read.   People are not sure if it is real or not.   Because there has ever been a Simpsons LEGO set before.  The box art does look pretty convincing.  The set has all The Simpsons, their house and Ned Flanders.  The box art says there are 2,523 pieces.  LEGO’s can be very expensive so know doubt this would cost a lot.  It’s one of those cool things to buy if you had lots of extra money.  If I did I would buy this in a hart beat.


[UpDate] Turns out this is a real set.  There is a video > here from LEGO themselves talking about it.  They have listed the price as well.  They are asking $229.99 Canadian.  Which is $30 more than the US price.  I hate it when the do that.  Any who if I had an extra $230 (+tax) I would be getting it.

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