PlayStation 4

PlayStation4Had the chance to check  out a Playstation 4 a few days back.  Have see lots of videos and pictures of the console.  It is just as nice looking in person.  The OS is fast, clear and easy to use.  Had no trouble using it.  But what I want to talk about the most is the DualShock 4.  Have heard  many great things about it.  All ways like the Playstation controllers.  The second it was in my hands I knew it was the best one yet.  It just fits and feels great in your hands.  Just the amount of weight and size.  The new triggers feel awesome.  The sticks are very much improved.  Like the in groove they have in them makes them easy to use.  Going out there and say it is the best controller every made.  It will be a great day when I get myself a Playstation 4 and get to use this controller again.

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  1. I agree. Every controller seems to have something that I don’t like about it, except this one.

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