Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

AssassinsCreedIVBlackFlag.jpgOne of the gifts I received this year was Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.  Have played about four and half hours (as I am typing his post Dec 27, 2013) and every so far is pretty cool.  Own all the Assassin’s Creed games this one is much like the other but different at the same time.  The controls have changed a bit.  They are more refined and simpler.  This is a good thing.  Because it make free running and climbing better.  All so the weapon selecting is much better.

In this game you play as a pirate.   Wasn’t to sure about that at first but it is pretty cool.  Mind you only played about 6% of the game so far and haven’t been out in the open water yet.  I hear that the boat stuff is much better than in AC 3.  Which I wasn’t a fan of.  If you have never played an Assassin’s Creed game think this one is a good one to start with.  You start out with fresh new character, a fresh new world and much improved controls.

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