MinecraftHave been hearing and reading things about Minecraft for years.  All ways heard great things about this game but never got to try it out.  Well now I might just get that change.  Because after a long wait it is coming to the Playstation 3 December 17, 2013.  Well in North America.  It says you will be able to download off the PSN.  But they didn’t give a price.  Not sure if there will be a demo.  Wound be cool if there was.  They are all so saying there is a PS4 and Vita versions in the works.  I will have to check out the Playstation Network on the 17th to see how much it will cost.  Will be back with an update if I decided to buy it.

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  1. […] Minecraft is out now for the PlayStation 3 I had to check it out.  Like I said in my other post talking about this game.  Heard lots of great things about this game but never got to try […]

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