Red 2 Review

Red2CoverJust finished watching Red 2.  Have been looking forward to see this every since the trailers came out.  Really like the first Red movie so was thinking this one would be just as good.  Well it is good but know were near as good as the first one.  There is some great action in there but the sad part is they used most of that in the trailers.  The comedy wasn’t nearly as good either.  Think I laughed out once.  The story was pretty good.  There were some good twists and turns.  Some of them you can see coming a mile away.

Over all felt a bit let down.  The first one was much better.  They had all the right pieces but they didn’t fit together in just the right way.  Of course the best part of the movie is Helen Mirren and when she is firing off weapons.  She has a cool gun battle near the end of the movie.  Which is worth a rent to see that.  That is all this movie is just a rent.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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