Not The Nine O’Clock News – I Like Trucking

NotTheNineO'ClockNews-ILikeTruckingThink the internet is a funny crazy place.  At one moment you are looking at some interesting which leads to looking some totally different that is comedy gold.  This is how I ended up seeing I Like Trucking from the old BBC TV show Not the Nine O’clock News.  Have heard of this show because Rowan Atkinson was in it.  Ok, back on track.  I was watching one episode of shows, Random Encounter.   In this show they play a random game.  Most times they are pretty bad games.  The show is funny as the guys react to how bad the games are.  The episode I was watching they were playing Transport Simulator.  During one point one of the guys asked what is your favourite trucking song.  They the other guy starts singing I Like Trucking.   How know idea what that was.  Until I scrolled down into the comments.  Where someone posted the video > here or below.  It is very old but still funny stuff.

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