Orange County Choppers

OCC.jpgThe first episode of Orange County Choppers new TV show aired this past Saturday (November 16, 2013) on CMT.  Well on CMT in the States.  You can see the full episode on their website but only if you are in the States.  I dislike when websites region lock videos.  I am sure there are legal reasons why.  How ever there are ways around it.  Wanted to see this, so found a way.   Wanted to see how this show would compare to American Chopper.  Well they look identical  with the camera moves and how they work in the B roll.  The two things that stick out that are different about the shows other than some of the people are,  they show a check list on the sided of the screen showing were they are in the build.  The other cool thing is at the end of the show.  They really show off the bike.  They have it a black room with the lights shining on the bike while it spins.  Then go into detail about the bike by zooming in and talking about each piece.  Over all the show was pretty good.  More of what you all ready know.  They didn’t change the formula that much.  The show might have a new name and on a different network but it pretty much the same thing as American Chopper.

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