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Gymkhana Six

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GymkhanaSixThey are back with another Gymkhana video.  This makes the sixth one and Ken Block has out done himself yet again.  These videos are all ways awesome.  A few days ago I heard they would be put this online November 11, 2013.  Well today is the 12th so you might got see it yet.  You check it out > here or below.  This guy can pull of some crazy things with his car.  They way they film these all ways keeps you interested to see what cool thing will happen next.  That being sad this was the most boring one yet.  Think it was because the location.  The other all ways were set some were cool.  Using the environment around them.  On the other had it does say right in the full title, Need For Speed: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six – Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.   They did but a very awesome course.  Thinking I was expecting too much.  All it is interesting to see that Ken Block is not with EA and the Need For Speed series.  He was been with the DiRT series for a long time now.  May be he will be with both.