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Lord Huron – Ends Of The Earth

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LordHuron-LonesomeDreamsHave found it.  Have been looking for a long time now.  Found the song I have heard in a few TV ads.  Really liked the song or the parts of they aired.   But last night I found out the name of the song, Ends of The Earth by Lord Huron.  Went on to YouTube and found some good versions.  How ever found the best one.  It is the live version they made for the radio station KCRW.   They have people perform live and all so film to put on their YouTube channel.  Right now I am listen to the full set of Lord Huron did there back in 2012 for another radio station KEXP.  Want to hear what other songs they have.  Have to say they are very good.  You can hear/see the full performance > here.   Now back the awesome song Ends of The Earth.  There is some the special about this song.  Think it how it is harmonize.  Has this very calming effect.  The song is off their album Lonesome Dreams.  Think every one needs to give this song a listen > here or below.