Winterized My Motorcycle

2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgSadly it is that time of year.  Time to put the motorcycle way until spring.  winterized my Yamaha XT225 motorcycle today (November 4, 2013).  Pretty much have it down to a system now.  Doesn’t take to long to put additive in the gas tank,  changed the oil, cleaned the filters, put some oil in the cylinder and take the battery out.  Do need to get a new spark plug and oil filter.  The oil filter should be good for another year but want one on hand when I change the oil next fall.  Put a little over 1800 km’s on the motorcycle this year.   That is about the same as last year.  That does seem like a lot but I don’t go on long trips.   Just to work and town ever now and again.

Pretty sure winter withdrawal will be kicking in soon.  Can see myself looking at all the new motorcycles coming out and thinking which one I should buy in the future.

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