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Air Rifle

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BeemanAirRifleBought myself a new air rifle or air gun (what ever you want to call them) today.  Have wanted to get a new one for a while now.   Many years ago I bought a air pistol that runs off of those small CO2 canisters.  Because I thought it would be cool.  But was very disappointed with it.   Wanted some with more of a kick.  When we were kids I had a crack barrel, single shot rifle.  Which was awesome.  We used them until they broke.   So that is the type I picked up today.  It is the Beeman Ranger Shooter’s Kit.   There were much better ones in the store but they were out of my price range.  When I got it home couldn’t wait to try it out.  But when I looked at it the scope didn’t look right.  It was bent with a big crack in it.  So now I am going to have to take it back.  Just hope they have another one.

Pain & Gain Review

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Pain&GainDidn’t plan to watch Pain & Gain thought it looks stupid.   All so heard it wasn’t very good.  But my brother wanted to see it so we watch it.  Have to say I was surprised that it was entertaining.  Goes to show you can’t go by what you hear. While its not a prefect movie but tells a very crazy and “true story”.  Like most Hollywood movie that are based on true stories they pick and choose what is real and then change it up to make it better for the screen.  That being said if you watch this movie not every thing  you see is true or they took some truth and twisted it a bit.

Over all this is a pretty good movie.  Much better than I was hearing about it.  Still glad I didn’t see it in theatres but its prefect to rent.  They story is about bad guys but some how they are funny and some what likeable.  Guess that is the Hollywood effect on a “true story”.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

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Superman-75-yearsA few days ago a cool animated short was put up on YouTube.  It is for the 75th anniversary of Superman.  You can check it out > here or below.  Have to say it is pretty cool.  Starts of with the first appearance all they way though to the newest movie show all the different versions of Superman along the way.  From comic books, cartoons, video games and movies.  If you click > here you can read the annotations.   It gives you a break down of pretty much every frame to where each version and time frame Superman is in.

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants Review

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WhyGrizzlyBearsShouldWearUnderpants.jpgJust like the other The books, Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants are very well made.  But most importantly funny.  I just didn’t find it has funny as the other book of his I have, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill you.   Its starts off very funny.  Had me laughing out loud the whole time.   Then about half way though not so much.   While it is very good.  It just left like it was more about what makes him mad but the funny side didn’t come out.  Still glad I did buy it.   Looks good on the bookshelf.  Easy for way one to pick up and have a laugh.

Another strong book from The Oatmeal.  Just not as funny all they way though.   If you are a fan of this work you need to pick it up.  If you are new to his comedy check out his other work first.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Devil’s Spear

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TheDevilsSpearHave to share Corridor Digital new video.  Just like last year they have made a video for Assassin’s Creed.  This year it is for AC 4: Black Flag.  These guys all ways out do themselves.  They said this is the biggest video they have ever made.  Once you look at it > here or below you can see why.  Will be buying these game since AC is one of may favourite game series.  But just will not be right way.   Still playing GTA V.


Machete Kills Review

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MacheteKillsSaw Machete Kills last night.  Wanted to see it because the trailers made it look like a silly fun movie.  All so it looked much better than the first one.  Wasn’t  a fan of the first Machete movie.  Was hoping this new one would be better.  Well I was disappointed.  While it did have much better production values.  A big famous cast but  it was silly.  Not in the silly fun way just plan silly stupid.  Think I only laughed out once.

Not much to say about this movie other than stay way.  Or at lest don’t pay money to see/rent it.  Wait to one day when it will be free on TV.  Then only if there is nothing else to watch.  They had all the right parts to make this movie awesome but some how it failed.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Walking Dead Season Four Episode One

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WalkingDeadSeason4.jpgHave seen the first episode of season four of The Walking Dead.  Now I want to talk about it.  First thing is how the show started off with a different feel.  Every one is seems to be in a good place.  But you know things will try bad every fast.  The big zombie scene in the store  was pretty cool.  First episode did a great job setting up each character on their journey for this season.  While I was watching the Talking Dead after show.  The guy said each character will get their own episode.   Think this is a pretty cool idea.  All so think there is a new sickness going around that will make things very interesting.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

Happy Thanksgiving

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turkey.jpgWant to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  As all ways I am very thankful for everything and everyone around me.  Most thankful for my mothers home made butterscotch pie.   Had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with family.  The first one with my brother is a very long time.  Hope everyone out there has a great day with family and awesome food.

Arrow Season Two Episode One Impressions

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Arrow.jpgGot around to watching the first episode of season two of Arrow.  Just like the first season I was very impressed.  You can tell they have some more money this season.   All so like the new direction they are going.  I am sure they will work in a new love triangle or some thing like that to keep the ladies watching.  The action stuff was all so very good.  Just like the first season.  They have found the right combination.   My only worry is they will just use a formal.  The first show did a great job of tying up season one and all so introducing new  characters for the new season.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.  Just like the first season there will be 23 episodes.   I am thinking they will do what they did last time show a half the episodes this year and show the other half in 2014 starting late January.

The Walking Dead Season Four

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WalkingDeadSeason4.jpgDon’t forget its a big weekend.  Not only because it’s Thanksgiving but season four The Walking Dead starts.  October 13, 2013 is the day.  So can’t wait to see where they go from they left off at season three.  My guess it will be a year later.  So making it about two years total since the out break happened.  Then season three ended there was a bunch of new people add to the group at the prison.  That will make things interesting.  Then there is the governor still on the loose.  All so thing we will se Carol go off the deep end like this father.  Of course some one (or more) from the main cast will die.  Sure it will be a big shock when it happens.   So can’t wait.  One more day.  Oh, and Talking Dead will be back as well.