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GTA V iFruit App On Android

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iFruit.jpgYes again, I am talking about Grand Theft Auto V.   This time because the iFruit app is now out for Android.  Not going to talk about what it does since I did that all ready.  You can read that post > here.  This is good news for Android users because of one cool thing in the app.   First thing you need to do if you haven’t all ready  is sign up for the RockStar Games Social Club.  Then tie your PSN ID or Xbox Gamer tag to it.  Then launch the app.  Sign in using you Social Club id.  One of the things you can do is customize the main car each character.  Here is the best part.  Not sure if sill works or not but worth a try.  If you go to Franklin’s car you can customize the hell out it and it will be all free.  I have the app on my iPod Touch and did this when it first came out.  So I think it would still work for Android users.