Grand Theft Auto V DLC

GTAVBoxArt.jpgHave some news to share about Grand Theft Auto V.  There is some DLC coming in November.  It is being called The Beach Bum Pack.  This will have new beach themed vehicles and weapons.  Which can be used online or in the story mode.  Not sure what these vehicles look like or what the weapons are. The pack will all so add new jobs and as well new items for your online character.  How ever this is the best part it will be free.

There is other news as well.  A few weeks back talked about the $500,000 in game money for GTA Online which is being called the GTA$ Stimulus Package.  Well that has been delayed again.   Now they are saying the first $250, 000 should be out next week.  But they will not give it out until they know the game is stable.  Am looking forward to this.  Want to buy a nice apartment and nice car hole (garage).

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