Air Rifle

BeemanAirRifleBought myself a new air rifle or air gun (what ever you want to call them) today.  Have wanted to get a new one for a while now.   Many years ago I bought a air pistol that runs off of those small CO2 canisters.  Because I thought it would be cool.  But was very disappointed with it.   Wanted some with more of a kick.  When we were kids I had a crack barrel, single shot rifle.  Which was awesome.  We used them until they broke.   So that is the type I picked up today.  It is the Beeman Ranger Shooter’s Kit.   There were much better ones in the store but they were out of my price range.  When I got it home couldn’t wait to try it out.  But when I looked at it the scope didn’t look right.  It was bent with a big crack in it.  So now I am going to have to take it back.  Just hope they have another one.

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