Machete Kills Review

MacheteKillsSaw Machete Kills last night.  Wanted to see it because the trailers made it look like a silly fun movie.  All so it looked much better than the first one.  Wasn’t  a fan of the first Machete movie.  Was hoping this new one would be better.  Well I was disappointed.  While it did have much better production values.  A big famous cast but  it was silly.  Not in the silly fun way just plan silly stupid.  Think I only laughed out once.

Not much to say about this movie other than stay way.  Or at lest don’t pay money to see/rent it.  Wait to one day when it will be free on TV.  Then only if there is nothing else to watch.  They had all the right parts to make this movie awesome but some how it failed.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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