Arrow Season Two Episode One Impressions

Arrow.jpgGot around to watching the first episode of season two of Arrow.  Just like the first season I was very impressed.  You can tell they have some more money this season.   All so like the new direction they are going.  I am sure they will work in a new love triangle or some thing like that to keep the ladies watching.  The action stuff was all so very good.  Just like the first season.  They have found the right combination.   My only worry is they will just use a formal.  The first show did a great job of tying up season one and all so introducing new  characters for the new season.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.  Just like the first season there will be 23 episodes.   I am thinking they will do what they did last time show a half the episodes this year and show the other half in 2014 starting late January.

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