DCU: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Deluxe Edition)

BatmanDarkKnightReturnsDeluxeEditionKnew it would a matter of time before the put Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: part one and two into one movie.  Well now they have.  It is being called DCU: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Deluxe Edition).  When I first seen this was thinking this is great for people that don’t all ready have part one and two.   Seamed like a money grab to there fans as well.   However there are some things that might make with worth buying all over again.  First off the two parts will flow together.  This is the biggest part there will be a 70 minute documentary about Frank Miller on the creation of the graphic novel which this movie is based on.  There will all so be cast and crew commentary.  They are saying was created for this release.  Of course all the extras from the part one and two.  If you buy the Blu-ray you will come with four collector cards with never before seen artwork.  That sounds pretty cool.  It set to come out October 8, 2013.  All this extra stuff is very enticing.  But pretty sure I will end up buying a copy.

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