Need For Speed: Most Wanted

NfSMostWanted.jpgHave put about nine hours into Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game.  It is a very fun game.  It is not like most racing games.  It does feel a bit Burnout Paradise, but better.  What makes this game different it is you don’t have to unlock all the cars.  So you do but the rest you get by just finding them on the map.  Then you can drive them.  Each car has a set a races that go with it.  The races are listed easy medium and hard.  You as you do these races or just driving around the world you get points.  These points unlock the next race in the most wanted list.  These are the cars you have to win the races then takeout to be able to drive them.   Have not tried the online mode yet.  But will soon.  So far very happy with the game.

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