Under The Dome Midway Review

UnderTheDome.jpgSo far 8 episodes have aired for f Under The Dome.  So I thought I would give a small halfway or midway thought the first season a review.  The show is very interesting.  It leaves you wanting to know what will happen next.  However there are some problems.  The show doesn’t all ways flow together right.  Seams like it is missing scenes.  The biggest problem I have is how the people are acting.  Some of the main characters move on with their lives every fast.  People around them are missing, dying or dead.  They are all upset and what not.  Then the next day they are over it and move on.  That being said the show is still fun to watch.  Episode seven had a very good last half.  Not going to give the show a score yet.  Will do that when it ends is September.  There is going to be a season two next summer.  So I am sure they will end with a big cliff-hanger.

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