Need For Speed: Most Wanted

NfSMostWanted.jpgGot my hands on a copy of Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game.  This is one of the games I wanted to get that was on my list.  Every now and again I would do into Wal-Mart to see what games were there.  Would see this one and they were asking $70.  Said to myself I am not playing that, will wait till it is on sale.  Forgot about this game.  Ended up buying other games.  Well today I was over there picking up a few things.  Decided to take a look and see what they had.  It was finely on sale.   Wasn’t going to buy it at first because there are to big games coming out soon that I want, Saints Row IV and GTA V.  Took a closer look it was the only copy left.  It was $29.83.  So I said f*ck it I’ll buy it.  About to give it a try now.  Played the demo back in November 2012 and enjoyed that so the full game should great.

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