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ElysiumHave seen the trailer for the movie Elysium a few times on TV.  It looks pretty cool.  It is directed by the guy who was behind District 9, Neill Blomkamp.  District 9 is an awesome movie.  It was one of the first movies on Blu-ray.  You need to check out the full trailer for this movie > here or below.  Think it will be a surprise hit this summer.  The story has the have and have not’s in conflict.  That has been done lots of times.  How ever this is a new awesome twist.  The haves live on a space station with is a paradise called Elysium.  The have not’s live a some what post  apocalyptic like earth.  When there are robots.  Then there are people with exoskeleton like suits.   The movie looks like pure awesome.  Will have to see this in theaters when it comes out August 9 2013.