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NBA_2K2_CoverThe other night a few friends got together to hang out and play some games.  We decided to dig out an old Sega Dreamcast to play some games we have not played in a very long time.  It was fun to re-see some old game.  While some of them don’t hold up that well.  But still fun.  Want to talk about one game we spent the most time on, NBA 2K2.  When we first got our Dreamcast we would get together and play this game because it was four player.  But the best part was you can make your own characters.  Then were was the mode we played all the time, two on two street ball.  Like I said we have not played this game in a long time so we kind of forgot what the characters we made looked like.  It was really funny to see them.  I can remember making my guy with a really big ass with very thin legs.  It was the silly looking thing.  But did work to my advantage because the guy big ass was great at blocking other players getting to the net.  We all ended up making all new characters the craziest we could make them.  Haven’t had the much fun playing an old game in along time.  Think we spent well over three hours playing this game.