Grand Theft Auto V Q and A

GTAVBoxArt.jpgThere is some new info to share about Grand Theft Auto VRockstar Games has put together an Q and A.  Or should say they are calling it Asked & Answered.  You can see the article > here.  Some of the questions kind of knew all ready.  But some of the high lights are (according to me):

When are are playing as one of the three characters you can track down there other two guys.  And see what they are up to.  Or give them a phone call to meet up.  They are saying you can “assault” them buy not kill them.  Which makes senses sine you are all working together.

The standard edition of the game will come with a paper map just like the other GTA’s.  Which is very nice since the world is going to be huge.

There is going be weapon and vehicles will be customizable.  The will be more info all how that works soon.

Both 360 and PS3  have a mandatory install of 8GB.   The 360 version will come on two discs.  The first one is for the mandatory install, one time only.  The second discs is the play disc.  The PS3 version works just like every other PS3 game.  Once you the put the disc in it will install the game.

The online component will be called Grand Theft Auto Online.  I hope this more fun than GTA IV’s online.

Here is the best news.  There will be a gameplay video released soon.

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