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Cape Breton Bikefest 2013

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cb-bikefest.jpgIn a bit less than a month way from the 2013 Cape Breton Bikefest.  It will be going on August 2rd to 5th.  Look forward to going ever year.  Every year this is a big prize to win.  The last few years it has been a custom motorcycle.  Not sure if they are doing that again this year.  They do have tickets to win a customized motorcycle trailer.  So thinking that might be the big prize for this year.  You can see pictures of that below.  Tickets for that are $20.   It is a nice looking trailer.  Guessing this years bikefest will be more to the same.  Would be nice if there was something special to draw more people in.  Still going to be nice to see all the motorcycles around.  Have a new camera this year so plan to take all kinds of pictures.