Batman: Arkham Origins E3 Trailer

BatmanArkhamOrigins.jpgSadly E3 is all over for another year.  With all the talk of next gen consoles and the games coming out for them.  It seems like all the awesome games at are still do come out for current gen are getting a bit over look.  There are some many great games coming  I will not be jumping on to next gen any time soon.  One of the game I will be getting for sure is Batman: Arkham Origins.  Have been reading and watching videos of this game from E3 and it looks like it will be another solid Batman game.  Even with a different team making it looks just as good.  With all the gameplay the first two had that made it awesome and more.  There is some cool new things in the game.  If you check out the E3 trailer > here or below you will see there is a new detective mode.  There is all so a very cool new grapping hook.  It looks like you can shot it at one object than shoot another object then it line retracts bringing the two object together .  Say hook two bad guys together to knock them out.  Out one end on a bad guy and the other to a propane tank.  This game looks so fun.  Pretty sure the will be all kinds of new info, pictures and video long before the game comes out.  Which is October 25, 2013.

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