The Crew

TheCrewYes I am talking about E3 again.  Back on Monday while watching the press conferences there was one game from Ubisoft that really caught my attention.  It is called The Crew.  This is more than just another racing game. Or an open world racing game.  This is a true open world, it is the whole United States.  It will have cities, suburbs, country areas and mountains.  There are no barriers so that means you can drive off road.  Then there is the customization.  Like a lot of games you can change liveries, rims and what not.  This one take it to a new level.  You can take your car (cars) and customize it for off road, a street race or a track races.  It goes deeper than that.  Then there is the crew part of it.  Four friends can form up a crew.  Work together to do missions/races together.  What is really cool is.  You could be doing  your own thing on one side of the map while friends are on the other side.  You or they can send a messages asking for help on a race.  When you say yes you are transported to that spot on the map.  With every little load times(?).  You can check out the CG trailer > here or for a better look at the game check out this video  > here or below.  It is a gameplay walkthrough.  It looks like so much fun.  When at some point I by PlayStation 4, will be picking up this game.

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