Just Cause 2 Update

JustCause2.jpgHave put about 17 hours into Just Cause 2 so far so it is time for a bit of any update.  So far only been in one small section of the map.  There is so much to do and look at.  The reason I have spent all the time in one small part is because you find towns, villages and bad guy basses.  If you take over the basses or liberate the towns you get money and what not.  All so find upgrade parts you can use to upgrade your weapons or vehicles.  So every time it find a new place I have to to take it over.  This is not like most games where you have to take you time moving so the bad guys don’t see you.  That doesn’t work that way.  If you have to run and gun.  All so use your grappling hook a lot.  Which is very fun.  So far I am really digging this game. It is not the best game out there but there is so much to do it is well worth the money.

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