Just Cause 2

JustCause2.jpgPicked up a copy of Just Cause 2.  It was in the cheap bin at Wal-mart for $20.  Was kind of looking at buying a new game while I wait for The Last of Us to come out (June 14, 2013).  Remember playing the demo for Just Cause 2 back in March 2010.  All so remember the demo was fun.  Have let to try the full game yet since I just got it.  But I have to get my Sega Genesis out of the way.  Have been playing that the past week.  Had a bit of a retro game bug.  It was fun to play the old games but I miss the 3D open word games with saves.  Will be back with an update on the game.

[Update]  Have played about two hours far.  At first it took me a little while to get use to the controls.  They are a bit different than other 3rd person action games I have played.  This is one of those open world, do anything games.  So far the coolest thing is the grappling hook.  You can pretty much do anything with it.  Climb tall buildings, take bad guys out and attack it to any vehicle. Like the game so far.  The only complaint is the icons and text are too small for my likening.

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