Urban Trial Freestyle Demo

UrbanTrialFreestyleThe other day I had the chance to try out a PlayStation Vita with a demo of Urban Trial Freestyle.  This is something like Trials HD over on Xbox live.  Have played that one and really liked it.  But it was only for Xbox 360.  Now there is one like it for PSN, PS Vita, and 3DS.  So today wanted to see what it was like on the PS3.  So gave the demo a try.  After it loaded, wasn’t at fan of the set up for the “story line”.   Can but that a side if the game is fun.  It plays all most the same as Trails HD.  You have to get over the objects using balance.  By leading back and forth with throttle control.  Thinking I might buy this one.  It is $15 which seems like a bit much.  Since Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was the same price and there seemed to me more content in that.  Might just wait till it goes on sale.  Give the demo a try if you have a PS3 or a Vita.

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