Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

FarCry3BloodDragon.jpgYes taking about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon yet again.  That is because last night I bought it.  So far I have only played the first section of the game.  If you have played the demo.  That is how the full game starts.  Just were the demo stops I played a bit more that leads to a big a battle at the end of the mission.  Have to say after only playing that little bit the game is a blast to play.  Like Far Cry 3 here is skills to be earned.  But there there is a difference the game upgrades then for you.  You get XP by doing different things in the game.  It is a a good way to do it.  Makes the gameplay for fast and arcadey.  Which fits the game well.  Its over the top silly fun with all stuff that made Far Cry awesome.

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