New TV

Toshiba32C120UA few days back my TV died.  So last night I went out looking for a new one.  Wanted to get a LED one.  Seen a really nice Sony 32” at Wal-mart.  The picture was really sharp and the price was pretty good.  When I looked at the inputs on the back.  Didn’t have every many.  That was disappointing.   Went over to Future Shop to see what they have.  Again looked at the LED’s.  That all didn’t have that many inputs.  Had to break down and look at the LCD’s.   Again they don’t make they like they used to.  My old TV, which was only six years old, had pretty much two of every input.  Knew I wouldn’t find one with two component.  But I had to have one with stereo audio out.  Because I have a stereo in my setup.  After looking at a few found a nice Toshiba.  It is the Toshiba 32C120U.  It is a 32” LCD.  It was at a very good price as well, $250.  So I bought it.

My old TV was a 26” this new one is a 32”.  I thought that is much of a difference.  When I got I home and tried to put it in place.  Turns out there is a big difference.  Have to rearrange my setup.  Another thing I have to do is to see if I can find a component switch.  Because my DVD and satellite receiver both use this connection.   Or might try to find a DVI to HDMI connecter since the receiver has a DVI out.

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